Thursday, 19 September 2013


Our second visit to Biarritz, and thankfully much less stressful than our first visit as we knew where to park this time! We didn't get chance to walk up to the lighthouse last time so it was top of our list today. As we walked along Ruben spotted a lizard climbing a tree right in front of us:

The lighthouse! We were a bit disappointed that it had closed as we would have loved to climb the stairs-the views must be spectacular from up there.

The views were pretty spectacular from here anyway :-)

We loved looking at the rocks right out in the sea and watching the birds fly out to them.

The Pyrenees in the background.

I absolutely loved this house, I think it has been split into apartments now but how fab to have lived here when it was a house.

We walked down past the Hotel De Palais and admired its shape again. Its hard to believe that this was once a private home, but it made a great start to talking to the children about Napoleon. Its not a subject we have really discussed before so its great to be able to cover a bit of history whilst we are here. Napoleon and his wife have lots of connections in this area so its been good to connect the dots.

A church opposite the hotel, wonder if this is where they went to worship?

Building just outside the hotel, it looks much newer than the hotel but heavily influenced by the same architecture.

Having an ice cream whilst looking out to sea!

Watching the waves

And being silly, lovely to see everyone getting on so well :-)

The beautiful Art Deco Casino on the sea front.

Back to the caravan, spag bol for tea with fresh tagliatelle and French macaroons for dessert.

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