Wednesday, 18 September 2013


We drove past Bayonne and its twin peaked Cathedral several times whilst going to other places so it felt nice to be finally going to visit. Hubby had a bit of a nightmare with Bayonne's one way system but we managed to get parked and walked into the town. One really wonderful thing I have noticed whilst we have been in France is the small, individual boutiques and shops and much less of the huge department stores. Its a really nice change as I get really bored shopping in the same shops. Again, like previous towns we have visited whilst in France I love the bunting between all the buildings, Bayonne has a very medieval feel to it. As it was a bit drizzly when we arrived we took a tour around the beautiful cathedral. Its been lovely to compare all the different religious buildings we have been inside and the children are starting to make connections and compare the different churches and cathedrals.

We loved the stained glass windows inside, the colours were so vivid and bright despite being thousands of years old. Its really hard to be able to show it in a photograph but here goes:

I really loved the different shapes in this window.

Back out into the streets of Bayonne.

We all enjoyed walking down the streets and looking at all the different buildings and architecture, especially whilst eating fresh pan au chocolat's and cookies, mmmmm.

I love this picture because we looked at it so many times in the guidebook that it was wonderful to see it for ourselves. The twin peaks of the cathedral can be seen from so far away, its a very iconic building.


  1. Wow, you guys still in France, huh? Nice one! X

  2. Looks like a beautiful city. I love stained glass windows-bit of an obsession really as I can't resist photographing them :)