Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bassin D' Arcachon & Dune Du Pilat

 Saturday started very sunny here in Labenne, hence my wearing a sun dress, but soon clouded over whilst we were driving on the very busy motorway up to Bordeaux. We were headed for the Bassin D'Arcachon and it took two and a half hours to get here.

We stopped at a nature reserve beach, which was very quiet, and ate our lunch. The tide was quickly and very quietly coming in and so we had a walk to the water. There were lots of swans sat on the water ahead, looked a bit of a strange place to see swans but they looked very much at home. Hubby showed the children how the water works its way around/over things. They built trenches and little castles with moats and watched how the tide gently came in and the water found its way in/over/through the structures. Science lessons on the beach-how cool!!!

We had a walk around Arcachon harbour and chose our lottery-win boats. We all felt a little tired and so we didn't venture into the town, which was a shame as it looked lovely but 7 days into our holiday and we have already done so much that we're all a bit fatigued :-( Even so, we headed to our final destination here-the Dune Du Pilat-the highest sand dune in Europe!!

Despite their tiredness the children found a new level of energy when we arrived and the boys and Cordelia began running straight up the side of the sand dune. Hubby, Piper and I began a bit slower, it was really hard work on the calves. It was really busy and very touristy and lots of people were using the steps, after a couple of minutes climbing up the sand I totally understood why!

Finally at the top and the views of the Landes forest were spectacular! 

 Love this photo because we all look so TIRED!!! We were, it was a killer of a climb on holiday-tired legs..

The views of Cap Ferret..

Was very windy up there..

And the best bit as far as the children were concerned...running back down!!

Finally back at the bottom, another wonderful experience here in France.

We bought a postcard for Cordelia's collection before heading back to the caravan for tea and an evening of Monopoly Millionaire, Super Scrabble and writing postcards for friends.

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