Thursday, 22 August 2013

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

We haven't visited here for a while and thought it was a good place to meet up with our friends over at 4kids2guineapigs. The weather was lovely, in fact it was a bit too hot for the children but I'm not complaining about the sunshine. Had a bit of a shock when we parked up to find the parking charges have gone up to a very steep £7.50. I know the sculpture park is free otherwise but it still seems a bit much to charge for car parking....

You may remember from this post-Look but Don't Touch!!!!! our previous visits here have been a little unsuccessful.. I still think YSP have a long way to go in making their park more child friendly. As soon as we stepped in one of the galleries today the lady on reception quicjly told us we were not allowed to touch anything or take photos! Not the most welcoming way into an art exhibition or exactly relaxing. Thanks for that..

We did see some intresting art though which used some of our favourite cartoon characters including Teenage Mutant Turtles! No photo's allowed though which was a shame..

I gace Cordelia the camera and she took these photos from around the grounds, although she managed to walk past this huge rocking horse without seeing it! Her horse-radar obviously rusty today.

She really liked these wire dog sculptures

Wire rabbit head/human body figure

This was a really cool sign that was all lit up

Ruben happily climbing a tree

No idea about this one? But we do love trees in this house

All seven of the children happily played in/on this sculpture for ages so I really love this photo of inside the sculpture since my mummy bum is far too big to fit inside!! But shhhh because your not supposed to touch/play on/have fun etc on these sculptures...

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