Thursday, 29 August 2013

The fish that got away..

Today we met up with friends at one of our favourite local parks, Hubby really likes coming along too because it means he can sneak in some fishing!

Last night Ruben had a late spurt of creativity and out of nowhere decided he is hugely back into Warhammer, he hasn't touched any of it for weeks/many months! Obviously Bailey's Warhammer influence is infectious... He sat and painted an Orc figure including putting "blood" on it. This morning he has poured over several of Bailey's White Dwarf magazines and planned everything he wants for his birthday including a trip to Warhammer World not for a game but because he likes the restaurant!

We had several errands to run this morning so we left the house at 9am, we met our friends at 10 and left Hubby enjoying some peace and quiet with the fish whilst we had a walk. My legs are still super achy from Tuesdays walk!

Ruben reading the White Dwarf magazines in his camping chair..

He found a caterpillar too

Daddy caught a fish!! But he also lost a rather large fish which he has been gutted about all day-the fish that got away! He is still finding his fishing groove after a long absence..

Showing Cordelia the ropes, they were fishing with a pole today rather than a rod.

Wasn't long before she had caught a fish of her own..

We had chips and lemonade from the cafe and sat watching all the wildlife, we saw a fish trying to eat a fish that was far too big for it, a Cormorant flying above looking for his lunch, and a very funny Goose which made Piper jump and in turn made the Goose jump.

Then we headed into town to run some more errands, food shopping before picking Bailey up. He'd been into town to meet up with friends at Games Workshop. Back home and he had a delivery of new dice to open before tea and an episode of Top Gear. Girls caught up with their emails and games after whilst Ruben did yet more Warhammer painting and Bailey played on the Xbox. Another busy day!!

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