Saturday, 24 August 2013

Saturday & Sticks

This morning started with Myth Busters on the TV and Ruben building a lego set he got for Christmas but has yet to build..

All four children helped with housework chores this morning too, six people plus four family pets makes for an untidy house come the weekend. We've had a busy week so a much quieter pace today. Piper was feeling much better this morning too thankfully.

A quick trip into our local library to pick up book 3 of How to Train Your Dragon for Ruben and a new Cathy Cassidy book for the girls before heading into town. Bailey headed off with multiple cases to his Warhammer group whilst we headed into the central library. I picked some French films on DVD to watch whilst the girls and Ruben headed to the children's section. Piper didn't get any books out but Cordelia got several novels and Ruben got some animal books in preparation for his Aqua-Zoo.

Back home and it was time to have a sort out of Ruben's bedroom, really it seems the only things in there apart from toys are sticks! Sticks & twigs everywhere!!!! But we managed to tidy round and sort through some of the sticks so he can at least get in bed without being suffocated by soft toys.

The girls have been busy on laptops, Cordelia did some of her pony project. Piper hoovered and polished their room without Cordelia present which is probably for the best since she's pretty untidy in comparison..

Bailey arrived home on the bus in very high spirits, he's always in a good mood when he's been to his group :) just in time for chicken fajitas for tea cooked by hubby. 

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