Sunday, 25 August 2013

Painting, Walks & Holiday Plans

A very grey start here this morning, so hubby just took Ruben around the car boot sales with him and left the rest of us in bed. Cordelia and Piper played on Minecraft for a while after breakfast and Bailey played on the xbox so a very quiet morning with just the four of us. 

After lunch Cordelia did some painting, she is really interested in painting eyes at the moment so she had a go at that. She did a really good job, even painted all the red blood vessels but wasn't happy with the results in the end and before I got to take another picture she put it in the recycling!

Piper spent most of the morning/afternoon reading in her room, Bailey had a break from xbox to paint some of his army figures. Ruben played Lego in between a few early-morning strops and bounces on the trampoline.

I did some holiday research, there are so many things to do I don't know how we will fit everything in. We are all getting so excited about going back to France, need to have a couple of quiet and cheap weeks before we go to save up some money now,

Outline of the eye..

Can't do a full day in the house and so in between doing a mammoth pile of washing, I can now get the lid of the washing basket but that is all, we had a local walk with Tallulah.

The girls were in secret chats walking behind us, think I overheard them discussing Miranda Hart's book which they are both reading at the moment.

 Ruben walked ahead swinging this stick and pretending to be Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, he wants me to make him an eye mask next..

A very sweet donkey which Cordelia is convinced is pregnant...

A very chilled Sunday here, making the most of the summer which seems to be slowly but surely leaving us, darker mornings and evenings are closing in.

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