Monday, 12 August 2013

New Doodles

Today Piper went off to her friends for the day, Bailey stayed home having spent the entire weekend out at Games Workshop and so we took our youngest two out to do some holiday shopping. There were lots of frantic back-to-school shopping going off and whilst we were picking up some books in the works the staff asked if there was anything else we needed for "school". I just smiled and said no-I really couldn't see the need to get into home educating at that moment. Anyway...

Cordelia chose this fab animal book:

And started on the elephants straight away. There's something very relaxing and comforting about colouring in pictures, its quite therapeutic!

And Ruben chose this dinosaur and dragons one, its like a doodle book in that the pictures are already started and you finish or add things to them. We are huge fans of the doodle books and as Ruben is a huge fan of both dinosaurs and dragons it was perfect!

I wasn't feeling all that well so we went and had a coffee, which thanks to the new colouring books was surprisingly relaxing! They both sat in quiet concentration which was quite sweet.

We popped into the garden centre on the way home, which already seems to be getting ready for its Christmas stock...and picked up a new lavender plant. I have a very old shabby chic bucket that its now looking very at home in, I've heard that you can use them for all sorts of things including baking so I'm excited to see how its used. Piper had a great time at her friends and Bailey had caught up with his Warhammer painting and took delivery of my new food processor!

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