Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My Pony Day

Hi! im Cordelia and this is my guest post on Mums blog. Its about the pony day i had.

Ok, so if you have read some of the previous posts Mum will have mentioned and blogged about me riding Charlie. Well i got Charlie for my pony day! I have no photos sadly but i will tell you about it any way. i won't mention names of the other people who were on the pony day, but i will put there horses names.

Ok so when Mum dropped me off i went in to the office, they where 3 girls sat waiting. My riding instructor introduced me to them and we all awkwardly said hi, then went quiet. Our instructor told us we were waiting for another girl to arrive. She arrived a few minutes later. So we all said high again, then the instructor told us we were going to be split into two teams to muck out two stables. Because they was 5 of us, i was split into a team with the oldest girl their. The younger three were put together. We mucked out and chatted a bit. once we had mucked out the stable, we scrubbed the water buckets out and she went to fill up the hay net while i filled up the 2 water buckets. I carried the water buckets to the stable, the girl i was teamed with tied up the hay net and i carefully arranged the water buckets and feed bucket. While the other team were filling up two extra hay nets, me and my team mate were told to go and check in the stables for grooming brushes. We found plenty and i got to give Charlie a stroke. We brought back the brushes and were told to tip them on the floor. Our instructor told us which brushes we needed and what they were for, and divided them equally. Then she told me that Charlie was in the stable and so were two other girls horses called ; Sixpence and Spike, And that we had 3 quarters of a hour to groom. The other horses, Jasmine and Precedence were outside. They went to go fetch them and me and Sixpence and Spikes riders started grooming. I groomed Charlies mane, tail, face and body with no trouble, but when it came to his hooves he was having none of it. Every time i tried to lift one up, he put it straight back down again. In the end a nice stable hand had to come help me. While she did his hooves i stroked his face and told him to behave. After the stable hand finished i thanked her and she left. then our instructor told us that we could go get the tack cause all five of us were done. We all managed to find our horses tack pretty soon. I went back up to Charlies stable and stood waiting and chatting to Jasmines rider who was the same age as me! Then after we stood for a bit, a nice stable hand came and helped me and Jasmines rider to tack up, But when you put on the saddle the horse is meant to breath in. Charlie decided to keep on breathing out! after 15 minutes we managed to get it up. After we put the bridle on i lead Charlie out side and waited for the others to finish so we could get on and ride. While i was waiting i gave Charlie a few hugs. then we could get on! I mounted carefully  and we all started walking and trotting and stuff. after a while of this our Instructor asked us what we all wanted to do. I suggested figure of eights, Spikes rider said  jumping, Sixpence's rider said cantering and Jasmines rider and Precedences rider didn't mine. So we did all of what we suggested and it was loads of fun! I got to canter and jump at the same time!!! After this we un-tacked our horses and said goodbye. Then we all washed our hands and went to go have lunch. We had 3 quarters of a hour. I wish we had only had 15 minutes because the younger 2 who were both 7 years old made me and Jasmines rider give them piggy backs all the time we were there!! Even when we said no they jumped on anyway!! After that a stable hand came and taught us about hazards in the yard and stable and parts of the saddle. Ten we played two rounds of hang man and then had to go home. It was wonderful fun apart form the piggy backs but even so i had loads of fun! My favorite bits were ; Cantering, grooming and when we were getting ready to canter playing swap the whip with Sixpences rider! But the best bit was when i was waiting to ride and i was hugging charlie and he leaned against me and sighed happily. It made be feel really happy and love him even more!! i can't wait for my next pony day even though next time i think i will be having Jasmine instead of Charlie. most of all thanks so much Mum and Dad!!!

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