Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Many children in many different places..

I felt like I was back making school pack lunches this morning when I had to make lunch for Cordelia, who was off to her second pony day and hubby and Ruben who were off to the Aquarium with friends. As both the younger two were off on different trips I picked up Piper's friend and we set off to Meadowhall shopping Centre. Piper and her friend went to the cinema to watch the new Percy Jackson film whilst I took Bailey shopping for some holiday bits and pieces. Was very strange just having Bailey with me, but also very nice to have some one on one time with my eldest boy!

The girls came out of the cinema very happy having enjoyed their film. We had a look around the Lego shop, where Bailey added about £600 worth of Lego to his Christmas list! At the top of the list is this:

And I thought it was the younger three who were into LOTR!

We picked up Cordelia and dropped back Piper's friend. Cordelia had had a fun day and met some nice, new people who were more her age than last time too so she was very happy, and also very dirty after cleaning out the horses! Maybe cream jodphurs were not such a good idea after all..

We had a chilled afternoon watching some TV before Hubby and Ruben returned from their trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium in Chester. It had been really strange not hvaing the two of them around, I have gotten so used to hubby being around all day now I can't remember it being any other way! They had had a fab day too, but were a bit tired from all the travelling. Ruben had bought a sand seahorse to add to his collection of sand beanie animals and two small plastic snails which have not left his hands! Hubby took these photos:

I really like this one though..

 These very cute otters were outside and Hubby's favourite part of the day!

We were all a bit shattered and very much looking forward to the start of Great British Bake Off. I had a migraine attack halfway through though so had to miss out on all the fun and go to bed instead :(

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