Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ice Creams at Monsal Head

Bailey has spent the day off with friends over at Warhammer World, its been lovely to see him have some new friends and start going out more. He has had a great day and came home in a wonderful mood, he sent me texts all day so I knew he was ok, which was good of him-he knows I worry. Was lovely to have him back home and hear all about his day.

I was still feeling under the weather this morning but the sunshine was so nice it seemed a shame to stay home. So we headed up to Monsal Head in the Peak District, the last time we were here we walked from the village of Ashford in the Water so it was a bit less exhausting driving up. First things first-ICE CREAM!! Perfect for when mummy has a sore throat...

Here are the girls and Ruben enjoying their ice creams and taking in the view:  

Photo with daddy

After the ice creams were eaten we had a walk over the viaduct, it was busy with lots of cyclists but it was interesting to read the info board:

Love these old Train posters:

We walked down the side of the viaduct and along the river-very relaxing!

Even saw some calves..

Looking at the trout in the river.

Last time we were at the other side of the weir-its so noisy.

Last bit of the walk in the humidity was a bit tough going, especially when your not feeling all that well but we managed. Not the biggest of walks today but was still lovely, feel like we need to make the most of whats left of the summer. Its getting darker earlier and the temperature is cooling quicker so feels like we're falling into Autumn sooner rather than later...

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