Wednesday, 28 August 2013

I Have a Dream...

Today marks the anniversary of 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr made his famous speech "I Have a Dream". I thought it was important to read the speech to the children, we also watched it on youtube. We had a huge discussion over tea (homemade pizzas!) about racism, the civil rights movement, Rosa Parks, the speech Martin Luther King made. I love that the children are so open minded and non-judgemental and really hope that is how they will bring their own children up.

After tea we got the noticeboard off the wall, its been full of postcards from all of the children's friends, we took them all off and started a Martin Luther King board. I printed off these dream clouds from the Scholastic website and we did some reading online about him, his wife Coretta and their four children. We read how his funeral was attended by 300,000 people and that Coretta's funeral in 2006 was attended by 14,000 people!

It was interesting to see what the children wrote in their dream clouds, Ruben insisted on writing his own without any help which was sweet! Cordelia printed off a picture of MLK with one of his quotes and we also wrote some facts about him and quotes. Its now back on the wall and hopefully we will add to it over the coming weeks/months.

Today has been full of running errands, catching up on the never-ending washing pile, playing Minecraft, Howrse website, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Playmobil, Bailey did some Warhammer painting, the girls did some reading, Ruben poured over the White Dwarf magazine and decided he wants a new Warhammer army for his birthday.            

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