Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hardwick Walk, A Game of Chess on the Lawn & Sharknado.

The weather was gorgeous today but we had one of those mornings where nobody quite knows what or if they want to do anything at all! We couldn't decide on where to walk, it seems like we have been everywhere and there seems to be nowhere new to go and explore. Maybe it is just a summertime funk we are in and I'm hoping we come back out of it because I can't see a move to somewhere new on the horizon so we are going to have to find some new appreciation for Yorkshire!!

I think we are all getting ready for our September holiday, we have booked a trip to France and the children (and us) are all very excited. We haven't been to Europe since 2009 so its all very exciting and we are counting down days. I even bought a book/Audio CD to help us learn some French in the car, its helping as Piper has taught herself to count to 10 in French and introduce herself :-) I have learned how to say "I'm tired" and also "I'm vomiting" which I'm sure will be very valuable on a 10 hour drive through France....

Anyway, I suggested Hardwick as we haven't been since we bought our car back in April 2012 and its always a nicce walk. Piper has been reading this book: 
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She loves historical books and has found this one really fascinating, so she really enjoys being up at Hardwick. I think we are going to have to take a tour around Chatsworth, which is something we have never done, we have been around the grounds and done some gorgeous walks but not in the gardens or house as its quite pricey. Piper has requested we put it on our Autumn/Winter list of things to do.

We parked up at the bottom ponds today rather than the house so it was much quieter, hubby had a chat with some fisherman as it looks a rather peaceful place to fish. The children had a look to see if they could see any fish in the pond and managed to see a large but sadly, dead carp.

The walk up the hill to the house was a bit tough I have to admit but the views are lovely, if you take out the M1 anyway! It was very busy up in the grounds, especially the restaurant. But we sat outside and had our picnic and the boys had a great game of outdoor chess. I've been looking for an affordable outdoor chess set since we visited Sudbury but still haven't managed to get one. Maybe I will see if their any cheaper at Christmas!

Was very relaxing anyway..

Before we set back off through Lady Spencer's walk, this is the view of the house from there: (in the distance)

There were lots of bees and butterflies around and we even managed to see a few grasshoppers but they were too quick for photographs. There were also some rare breed cows that we had not seen before-but we walked through that field quite quick as cows scare us a bit...

Even though everyone dragged their feet over a walk, whilst we were out they all loved it and had some great laughs and chats which is always nice. I'm noticing lots of time spent separately now they are all getting older and enjoying space alone in their bedrooms so its really good when they are together and getting along.

Back home and after tea we sat and watched the most anticipated viewing of a film possibly since The Hobbit came out with SYFY'S Sharknado-Sharks and a Tornado? Sharknado!! It was pretty terrible but the older three loved every second of it *sigh*. Ruben disappeared to watch his new Planet Dinosaur DVD in his room as it was just not his thing and not really age appropriate for him as it was more aimed at age 11+, the girls though it rather hilarious and were literally doubled over laughing. Sadly I fear that Sharknado fever is going to be staying with us for quite a while...
Sharknado Trailer for the curious....

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