Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Following in the Footsteps of Your Big Brother

There is a rather large age gap between my eldest and youngest child-5 years and 5 months, its not that big to a lot of people but considering the girls and Ruben were all born within 2 years and 11 months it feels like a huge age gap. Just like the girls the boys are very different in their hobbies and intersets but in the last week or so I've noticed things that Bailey really enjoyed around the same age Ruben is now enjoying. Its really lovely.

It started last week when I picked up the "Your a Very Bad Man Mr Gum" book, one of Bailey's favourite's at Ruben's age. I didn't read the book to Bailey as he was happily reading to himself but I remember him telling me funny things out of it and I'm loving listening to Ruben laugh at the same parts of the story.

Ruben has long been a fan of Dr Who-also thanks to his big brother really, Hubby picked up an old Dr Who DVD collection from the car boot and Ruben has been hooked all week! Its the first series with Christopher Eccleston and so Ruben would have been only 1-2 years old when it was on TV so he can't remember it at all. He has really loved spotting lots of characters that he has seen the figures of and Piper has ended up re-watching lots of the episodes too. Needless to say the Dr Who figures have been back out again and this morning Ruben was telling me all about the insides of a Dalek!

Its sweet that Ruben is following lots of Bailey's interests and I'm enjoying a trip down memory lane which is rather nice!

Today we have also had a lovely catch up with our friends over at  The Barts Go Adventuring. They have been travelling since April so its been a long time, was so lovely and inspiring to hear about their travels. The kids thoroughly enjoyed catching up with their friends too which was lovely to see. We have made plans to see them again soon as they have kindly agreed to house sit for us whilst we are in France!

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