Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Dinosaurs, Fires & Cats

Not all together thankfully! But we have had a very dinosaur kind of day. Ruben picked up this gorgeous Melissa and Doug stencil set, which was brand new and still sealed form the Sunday morning car boot for £1-its £6 on Amazon so a bargain! He only opened it today and got straight to work on the Triceratops stencil in the garden.

Then he built some scenery for his dinosaurs out of Lego

He was very proud of his waterfall..

Bailey has been to his Warhammer group today, he is taking part in the summer competition and so has been very busy building some new figures he has built, must do a post on this because they are very good! Ruben went on Minecraft for a bit, we started a new book together "Your a Bad Man Mr Gum", it was one of Bailey's favourites when he was Ruben's age. Piper has been reading a book called "The War Years" after deciding that all teenage books are rubbish *sigh*, its great that she is reading historical books but there is nothing wrong with a bit of fiction either! Cordelia wrote a lovely blog post from her Pony Day yesterday which she is still very hyper from bless her. She is going a long to another one later in the month too.

The rest of the day has seen me trying to make a new handbag for myself and trying to be patient with my ancient sewing machine-which is not playing ball at all *sigh*. I also managed to finish a deckchair I was up-cycling. A mammoth food shop with lots of baking supplies-I have the baking bug back again...and finally this evening a fire in the garden. We didn't have that much to burn but we all fancied some toasted marshmallows (& oreo's!)

 Very tasty..
 Oreo on a stick?

Even Coco the cat got involved, thankfully he didn't eat the marshmallow, he just likes being fussed by everyone..

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