Friday, 2 August 2013

Dinosaur Valley at Twycross Zoo

We had a great family day out at the zoo! We haven't visited Twycross for quite a few years, the last time we came I brought Ruben by himself when the girls and Bailey were still at school-so that's how long ago it was!

Hubby thinks its a bit heavy on the monkeys here but its only an hour away from home and I saw on their website that the animatronic dinsoaurs were there in Dinosaur Valley. Ruben has been into dinosaurs on and off since he was 3 years old and their still a firm family favourite here.

We were lucky with the weather as it stayed dry all day and the sun even came out too!

Brace yourself for lots of dinosaur-related photo's....

I thought this one was so realistic! Its eyes even moved and the noises were brilliant.

A rare photo of my four-looking less enthusiastic than the children before them sat on this dinosaur....well you can't have everything!

The T-Rex was pretty big and one little boy really was terrified which reminded me of the first time we took Ruben to the Natural History Museum in London and he was so scared he hid behind my legs when we got to the T-Rex. He's all grown up now though and was only super excited..

I do feel a bit sad for animals in zoo's if I'm totally honest but I do love Elephants, they have such kind eyes. And as Ruben said some animals, like the Amur leopards would possibly be extinct without zoo's around..

The Prairie dogs were very popular with all four of the children and even daddy, we had to go back to see them several times!

Digging for dino bones in the sand box

Cordelia loved the miniature donkeys, they were very sweet. Piper loved the Llama's because she wants to be a "Llama Farmer"...

Since we got home Ruben has got all his dinosaurs out of the bottom of the toy box and started watching his Walking with Dinosaurs dvd again. I love it when a bit of strewing happens!!

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