Monday, 19 August 2013

Climbing Again!

Today was another opportunity for Cordelia and Piper to have a go at climbing. This time it was a smaller group but we still got a reduced rate for being a group. Piper and I had some things to pick up in town first so we walked down to the Foundry when we'd finished. We found Cordelia and Ruben very happily climbing up walls. Ruben did struggle a little more this time I think because his feet have grown a full shoe size and his new trainers seem a lot bulkier, we might be investing in some climbing shoes.

We did manage to have a chat with the manager about having a family climbing session so that we could start coming to use the climbing wall by ourselves during the week. Hubby and I really fancy having a go ourselves too and it would be a great activity during the winter months.

they were shattered after their two full hours of climbing. On the way home we popped into see Hubby's grandparents as it was hid grandad's birthday this week. We bought him this :

I bought one for my mother in law a few Christmases ago and then I bought one for Hubby's Nannan, they have been lovely to read back and something I think will be important for the children when they get older. I think they will really enjoy reading them back and finding out all about their great-grandparents in their own words. Its my father in laws birthday next and he is very hard to buy for so I know what he will be getting!

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