Monday, 5 August 2013

Chocolate & Beetroot Cake

We haven't done much baking at all lately, a downside to running your own business is a severe lack of baking time! For me baking is much more of an Autumn/Winter activity anyway but when I saw a fellow home educator and blogger put a recipe for Chocolate and Beetroot cake on her blog at journey unique I had to give it a try! Luckily it was a raining day and we were expecting some friends over to play so it was a good day to try out a new recipe.

I bought some fresh beetroot from the Sunday morning market, I like to try and buy local produce if at all possible and they looked like they had just been dug up which is always a good sign...

I loved how purple/red the mixture looks but the children were not convinced at all when they saw the beetroot being pureed...Maybe worth wearing gloves as it looked like a CSI crime scene in our kitchen by the time I'd finished!

Luckily we had a visit from one of my bestest friend, my goddaughter and her big brother so I could test the results out on them too! The children tried it after their tea and absolutely loved it so a big thumbs up from us here. I think I'd like to add some black cherry jam and fudge frosting to the recipe though so maybe I will have another go very soon

Before it went in the oven
Finished result..

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