Friday, 9 August 2013

Baking Day..

This morning I took Ruben to see his BFF whilst the girls stayed home and did some baking with hubby, Bailey caught up with his Warhammer painting and they all viewed Sharknado for a second time...

The girls decided to make chocolate marble cake and also a chocolate and orange cake. As we had been invited to my inlaws for a BBQ the girls really wanted to take cake!

Ruben had a great (and rather shouty!) morning catch up with his friends playing Minecraft and Pokemon and I got to have a catch up with my friend too so we were both in good moods by the time we left. Quick trip to Tesco on the way home for flowers for nannan and then back home to see the lovely desserts the girls had made..

The book the girls used was "The Children's Baking Book" by DK, its a lovely book and we have had it out of the library so often that when I saw it at the car boot for 50p I had to buy it.

Poor Nannan and Grandad were filled in on the whole "Sharknado" fever, thankfully after the children's very thorough explanation and description I don't think they'll ever need to watch it. Thankfully the cakes were a good distraction!

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