Friday, 19 July 2013

Wall Climbing at the Foundry

We are trying to make this year all about new experiences for the children, trying to let them try as many new things as possible. Not always easy on budget so we were really excited when the local home education group got funding for some sports activities and we were able to have a go at wall climbing at the Foundry in Sheffield. Only Cordelia and Ruben wanted to try, Cordelia has done it before but Ruben was very wary and I really had to talk him into giving it a go.

Could not believe the change in him as soon as he was up there-he LOVED it!

The Foundry used to be an old factory, Sheffield is famous for its steel and the area where its based is actually where my dad worked for years in a steel factory so it was bizarre to see all these climbing walls inside there. Its such a great place and was filled with a huge group of us home educators. 

Here is Ruben having a go at his first ever climbing wall:

He didn't make it to the top but he wasn't far off..

On the next wall though there was no stopping him and he reached the top. The look on his face was brilliant-this huge beaming smile.

Cordelia, showing Ruben how its done, she did so well the instructor told her to go up using only the yellow markers as she was so good and she shot up there so quickly I only have this photo of her coming down!

You could see the tiredness in the kids arms and legs, they started to get a bit shaky-its such good exercise! We are thinking of all having a try another time as a family...

This was the last wall and it was much trickier. They both gave it a go though, Cordelia got a little bit of the way up but the markers were too far for Rubens little legs. Maybe next time?

After two hours in there the kids were exhausted, it was very warm in there too. Such a great experience for them both though and they enjoyed it so much we have booked on to the next group visit.


  1. That looks like lots of fun - don't think I'd make it anywhere near the top!