Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday walks

We love our Sunday walks around Linacre Reservoir as you can see here Sunday Rituals but we haven't been in a while. I've really loved watching how the scenery has changed here this year from last Autumn, Winter and Spring. I have to admit to preferring it in Autumn as its my favourite season but Summer is pretty nice too.

We have noticed lots of bees and butterflies around this past week and also a distinct lack of wasps-I'm not complaining about them though!

Lovely views over the reservoir

The last time we were here was with friends and now its become part of our ritual, to sit on the tree over the water.

Meanwhile Piper enjoyed her snack...

Cordelia did NOT want to come down off the tree trunk... This face is a face that I'm seeing way too often at present...

A quick walk around before we picked Bailey back up from his warhammer group. He is taking part in a new competition as part of the holiday activities. He has spent £20 on some new figures and now has several days to paint them and get them all ready for the start of the competition, that should keep him busy!

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