Friday, 26 July 2013

Summer Walks

I really have been neglecting my blog lately, things have been busy around here and I'm not having the time to blog like I used to. I really am missing it and I know I'm missing blogging things that I will regret and also  forget!!

Home educating in the summer is a funny time, you want to make the most of every day but then when there is six of you everything is SO very expensive. Its also harder than ever to plan days out with four children who's ages range from 9 to 15. When the children were at school I know I felt this huge pressure to be doing amazing things with them during the school holidays and despite the fact they haven't been in school since 2007 I still feel that pressure!! Its so silly because we do so much in a year and I only have to look back on the blog over the last 7 months to know that but I suffer terribly from summer guilt and feel like we are not making the most of it. The thing is I know even when we do spend a lot of money doing something it doesn't mean we will enjoy it anymore than something free. Its usually the simple things that we enjoy as a family, the simple things that get us all chatting and laughing and which we all return in a good mood. So bearing this in mind our Friday morning started with Piper and I go for a morning swim at the local pool, where we have been trying to swim 2/3 a week, we managed 30 laps-750 meters before coming home for a quick lunch and a family walk.

We set off from home on foot, which is always nice! It was quite warm I have to admit but I'm not complaining at all at the beautiful weather we are having here. Tallulah (our rescue Jack Russell) had her check up with the vet yesterday and we found out that she has a heart murmur, we are not sure her exact age but guess around 9 years and we have had her for 4 of those. She's also starting with cataracts bless her, the vet recommended some extra walks to help her keep fit so we have been trying to get her out a bit more. The girls have started walking her together in the mornings too which is quite sweet and giving them a bit of the independence their so desperate for at present.

Some photos from our walk:

The weather has been so dry that all the gravely paths were super slippy, meaning that both Ruben and Cordelia had falls. Thankfully I had some wipes on me so we managed to clean them up.

The walk down the hill were lovely, the walk back up the hill in humidity was pretty tough actually, especially since I'd done some cardio on the exercise bike last night and my swim this morning. Not to mention my hayfever allergies *sigh* summer can be hard work when your allergic to it!

Very beautiful views though and all pretty much on our doorstep which is nice.

We managed about 3 miles in all which isn't bad in 20+ degrees, all free too so an added bonuses!

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