Monday, 8 July 2013

Spurn Head

The warm spell has been wonderful here but living here has the downside of being quite far away from the sea! So as we had planned a trip to the Deep in Hull with the kids we detoured slightly and had a trip to Spurn Head. Spurn Head is described as a very unique area in Britain, a narrow sand spit on the East riding of Yorkshire coast-was a little nerve wracking driving down to the end of the beach as the sat nav had us driving on what looked like nothing. 

We must have picked the only place in Britain that wasn't sunny too which was such a shame. I envisioned us sat eating lunch on the beach before visiting the Deep but it was way too cold.

Cordelia, Ruben and Ruben's BFF, who we had brought along with us, all went off to explore on the beach despite the cold.

There was lots of treasure to find!

Piper and I watched whilst wrapped in the beach towels as we were so cold!

Hubby and Bailey had a walk around

This was the other side of the beach-it was cool to be able to visit both sides of the beach

We had to watch out for brown tailed moth caterpillars though as if they come into contact with your skin they can leave you with a skin reaction. We did see quite a few but thankfully managed to avoid them.

Back to the car where we ate lunch and set off to the Deep in Hull.

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