Monday, 29 July 2013

Monday in Matlock

We had a lovely morning in Matlock/Matlock Bath today, we picked Piper and Cordelia's friend C up and took her along too, it gave the girls a great chance to catch up. The weather was lovely for most of the morning and we managed to have a really good snoop around all the antique shops where I managed to pick up a lovely old deckchair. I have been looking for one for ages to do up a bit but they have become ever so cool this summer and are really expensive on Ebay. So I was very please to pick this one up for just £8-Hubby managed to barter it down from £10. I have been inspired my new wardrobe for our bedroom and I feel a new hobby coming on again!!

I have no photos-the girls get rather shy when their altogether...but they had sweets from Lilly Banks sweet shop, a walk by the very muddy looking River Derwent and a look up at the cable cars in Matlock Bath before we headed up to Matlock for a chip shop lunch in the park. They all enjoyed watching the children on scooters/skateboards at the skate park whilst they ate their lunch.

We headed up to the antique shops-the one in this photo (from an older blog post) is my favourite and where I got my bargain deck chair.

But I did see the most beautiful 1950's dressing table and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since....

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