Friday, 5 July 2013

First fishing trip of the year

Hubby is a keen fisherman but in the last year hasn't had any opportunity to actually go, the downsides of running a new business, working part time for his old company and home educating four children doesn't really leave room for much else. Not that he ever complains! I bought him a fishing licence for his birthday so he had no excuse not to go. I met up with a friend at a country park which also just happened to have good fishing so it seemed a shame not to really! Cordelia really wanted to fish too so she stayed with hubby and "helped" she does catch a lot of fish and loves being busy.

Meanwhile I took Piper and Ruben to the playground, despite the heat Ruben wore his LOTR cloak and took his wooden sword hubby made him. He played in the park for a few minutes before taking himself off into the woods and making himself a den/camp. Piper meanwhile was catching up with her friend who she hadn't seen in over a month.

Ruben at his camp

He made a little fire

The start of this den was already her so he managed to add to it and had a little picnic inside it.

He didn't want to leave it but he was hungry and lunch was in the car at the other side of the lake!

We saw lots of ducks with their chicks

Having lunch and watching hubby catch some fish!

A lovely spot for chilling out and relaxing.

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