Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Yesterday was spent waiting to hear back from the garage about our car, it needed the handbrake repairing-quite important for a big car with six people in it! So we used the opportunity to get some much-needed gardening done. The children had a chilled out day mainly inside as they are finding the heat all a bit overwhelming, so they played on Minecraft and with the Lego and kept popping outside for a lay down in the shade and to eat ice lollies..

When the coast is too far a drive the best alternative is to find water! So we headed out to Chatsworth to sit next to the stream. We took lots of food, paper, crayons and buckets for catching some fish.

Ruben looked very sweet chilled out by the side of the stream drawing dragons. His new favourite passion thanks to us reading the How to Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell. We're currently on book 2: How to be a Pirate.

Meanwhile hubby and Cordelia braved the very cold water to look for fish..

Was very sweet watching the deer run and chase each other at the other side of the stream, lots of baby deer too.

Ruben took my camera for a bit and took lots of photos of this family of ducks.

Bailey and Piper read and did some drawing.

Another couple of photos by Ruben

 Here are Ruben's dragon pictures..

Cordelia only managed to catch one fish but it wasn't a bad size-a bullfish-so she was very pleased.

Was lovely to relax next to the stream and play games like hangman. Loving having hubby home full time with us :-)

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