Monday, 15 July 2013

Bridlington. Seaside!

After a super hot weekend all any of us wanted to do was go to the seaside! We live a minimum drive of 1 1/2 hours from the coast however. We set off for Scarborough after Bailey's dentist appointment, poor Bailey needed his brace tightening-which he really did not enjoy-which meant we got caught in lots of traffic. So we quickly changed plans and headed to Bridlington, we haven't been for years so it was a change. 

We had made a picnic and so as soon as we got there we hit the beach for lunch.

The girls headed off for a paddle

Whilst Ruben and Bailey amused themselves making forts/castles from the big, white stones that lay all over the beach. Its much harder when children get older, when they were little they wanted to build sandcastles and paddle but as they get older they don't get as excited by the beach. Its one of those things we're learning about having teenagers/older children, its all a steep learning curve!

Another thing-teenagers hate having their photo's taken....lots of side face shots *sigh*

Cordelia found a dead jellyfish and insisted on burying it and giving it a beach grave.

Pippi enjoying the sunshine

Wish we lived nearer to the sea though....

It may be Yorkshire mentality but when we go to the seaside we have to eat lots! So after our picnic on the beach, we walked to the harbor for chips and sugary doughnuts. Seaside makes us hungry....

Love this shot of hubby and the children..

Ruben with his dinosaur and dragon friend..


  1. I've been to Bridlington! Years and Years ago when I was about 11 I reckon. I went to stay with a holiday penpal for a week in Wortley, Leeds and the family took me here.

    Have caught up reading your posts - looks like you've been having lots of fun.

    1. That is cool Angela-its very far from you now, I have to admit as an adult I don't think its as magical as when we were kids but its still nice to be by the seaside in this heat!

      Thanks for reading!