Sunday, 21 July 2013

Being Legolas for the morning...Archery lesson...

Fresh on the heels of our taster session of climbing we were lucky to also get on to a free taster session of archery. It was two hours and up in the lovely area of Ringinglow, a gorgeous location even if the sun never showed his face!

Thanks to LOTR my children are all fans of bows and arrows, we have  a few wooden ones at home for playing with, one hubby even made from a branch. It was like being Legolas for the morning or so that's what the children told me. Cordelia would have preferred to be on horse back-but what's new?

The children had made some new friends at the climbing on Friday so were happy to see them again so quickly and they also chatted to some old friends. All very social for them.

Here are a few photo's, although it wasn't easy to get photo's with just my children in..

 Piper being shown the ropes.
 Bailey, who really enjoyed himself.
 Bailey and Ruben

 Cordelia chatting to the instructor
 The beautiful location...

A really lovely afternoon, all four of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

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