Saturday, 15 June 2013

Wreck it Ralph

We had a free Saturday morning and after a quick look at the movies for juniors over at Cineworld we found them showing the Disney film Wreck it Ralph. If you haven't been to movies for juniors before I'll explain: its basically the big films that were out maybe a month or so ago and its costs £1 each for parents and children and no booking fees either!! Its great for us as we all love films but at around £30-35 for a cinema trip its quite rare we go, at only £6 its a real bargain!

We all LOVED the film, it was brilliant and I say that honestly because to be honest I'm not the biggest fan of kids films. There were lots of jokes aimed at parents and I loved the character from the video game "Hero Duty" who was voiced by Glee's Sue-so funny.

As we have such huge gaming fans in this house it was a perfect film, the graphics on the candy races were amazing and thanks to Bailey's gaming course last week he really appreciated the work that has gone into it. We will be buying this on DVD as we'd all like to watch it again. A lovely family morning :-)

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  1. Cinema is an expensive trip for 6. It's not just the tickets either the popcorn blah blah blah.