Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Woeful Wednesdays

An early start for us this morning, on the train to Nottingham at 9am-much less stressful than driving! plus it means Piper and I get to have a good chat. Very small group of us at the archives today but it meant that Piper and I got to chatting to some more people wh ich was nice. Piper is very shy in a group and finds it difficult to start up conversations so it worked much better for her being in a small group today. Lots of archiving done today.

We were hoping that the History textbook we ordered would have arrived today but still no sign much to Piper's disappointment.

Hubby picked us up from the train station with the boys and Cordelia and we headed to the park with yesterday's bought tennis rackets and some new tennis balls. We found a free tennis court but there was a huge school group on it so we just practiced on the path until it was free again. I think its safe to say after today that its highly unlikely that we will be watching any of our children at Wimbledon in the future... But fun was had, by some of us anyway, and that's the main thing. Life is all about experiences and we are trying to give the children as many as possible, who knows if one of those experiences may trigger something in them?

Back home and Ruben and I practiced throwing and catching tennis balls in the garden, as well as a game of chase before we donned sunglasses and laid on the trampoline and did some cloud spotting. He managed a 100 bounces on the trampoline before we came back inside and joined the girls watching Horrible Histories. We love this song Transport Pioneer's Song

More Wimbledon and we watched quite shocked on "Withdrawal Wednesday" as so many of the big names we either knocked out or withdrew due to injury's.

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