Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tennis Tuesdays

An early start out of the house again this morning again for me, only this time a much more pleasant outing to meet up with a good friend at a cafe. Hubby took the girls and Ruben to see his grandmas, who wasn't home and ended up at the playground. They still had a nice morning before they came back to pick me up. I had a lovely morning catching up with my friend and talking through a lot of my IGCSE/GCSE worries, as she is heavily experienced at going through all this she was perfect for me to talk to and I feel so much lighter for having spoken to her. Well that and the fabulous lemon curd cake and Lady Grey tea in a vintage cafe in an antiques centre, all helped. I'm feeling much better after a good nights sleep and no sign of return of my facial pain. Bailey is not feeling better sadly and decided to stay home and carry on with his Warhammer painting, he has lots of new pieces from his birthday that need painting to keep him busy. Hoping he will pick up in time to go along to his Warhammer group on Thursday though.

We had a lovely walk around the charity shops after hubby picked me up, with only one question of "no school today?" to which my response of "No, their home educated" quickly brought silence. I'd rather that today than a tirade of questions. Ruben was on a serious hunt for tennis rackets after yesterdays Wimbledon viewing. We managed to find two for £4, including one that has a special Venus & Serena Williams cover-how relative! Just need to buy some tennis balls now, I have even managed to locate a nearby free tennis court we can use.

Back home and  we decided to get the bikes out again and have another go. Lovely sunny skies again today but Piper really struggled with co-ordination, having several crashes into the soft hedges before getting the hang of it again and even managing some turns. Cordelia did much better today and was doing laps up and down so she was all smiles. Ruben took his scooter again but keeps banging his legs on it so wasn't very happy. He had a late night as friends came over last night and has been suffering slightly for it today.

More Wimbledon matches, Ruben announced he thinks we should all go on holiday to Wimbledon! He has sat and drawn his name in unknown Pokemon symbols, played on his Jurassic park tablet game before a bath and several chapters of How to Train Your Dragon-we are nearly at the end before a slightly earlier night. Cordelia has been making rugs for her Breyer horses, she built them a stable out of Mr Men books in the living room corner too-apparently they are just the right size. Piper has managed to finish the Cold War section of BBC GCSE Bitesize and scored very high on the test, she's been much happier the last two days now she has found something to focus her attention on.

Tomorrow is the fortnightly archive meeting for Piper and I.

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