Thursday, 6 June 2013

Snowdon Attempt 2 up the Llanberis path

We attempted Snowdon three years ago but we went up the long way, which to be fair was incredibly beautiful and quiet-exactly how I love Wales. It was very hard though and the children were obviously three years younger back then so whilst we got high up we didn't get close to the summit. This time though we were determined to get to the top so we took the so-called easy path up, also called the "motorway" due to the sheer amount of visitors going up and down it.

It was very warm-around 20 degrees and from the start the children were tired and complained their legs were hurting. It was very steep at the start and tarmac which is not my favourite surface to walk on.
The walk up to this sign was already making us feel a bit done in!

Still we kept on trudging through the heat and already we had gone through lots of drinks. These bags of stone were dropped up here by helicopter-you might be able to see if Bailey hadn't collapsed on them. Amazing how Xbox isn't good training for climbing a mountain isn't it?

There were lots of rests going up

And some pretty epic views to be taken in..

No more photos from up the mountain as Cordelia's legs started hurting, so were Ruben's and so defeated and only 200 metres from the summit we gave up and trudged back down. Its such a shame and we were all disappointed-I think next time (yes there will be a third time) we will set off earlier in the day when its not so hot and not sure I would attempt this path again as I don't feel it was the best of the views and to be totally honest it was a bit dull. I don't like busy paths, I like the quiet ones where you hardly see anybody..

After our 4 hour walk we were pretty shattered so we bought some food for another BBQ and went to back to the campsite. Again beautiful views over the lake, was lovely watching families kayaking together.

More Hercules planes come overhead

Feeding some local, friendly ducks

Love these photos

Another beautiful evening spent around the lake, the sunset was magnificent and it was such a warm evening. Love Wales.

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