Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sheffield On the Supertram

A while ago hubby came up with the idea of Bailey running a car boot stall at a local market. We have A LOT of car boot stuff in the garage and since we've chatted about the stall idea lots of family and friends have given us bits and pieces for Bailey to sell. It's been a bit like Young Apprentice-I.E. giving Bailey stock, a start up budget and encouraging him to invest in more stock. This is how our Saturdays will be through the summer, at least when it's dry. The girls are taking it in turns to help on the stall and earn some extra pocket money too. This means I get to have time with Ruben and the girls alternatively. 

This week it was Piper's turn on the stall (she's saving up for a new dolls house so likes helping and earning extra pocket money!) and so Ruben and Cordelia chose to go into Sheffield on the Supertram. I didn't pass my driving test until Cordelia was 10 months old and I was pregnant with Ruben so for a long time public transport was the only we got around. I have to admit to really not missing it that much, Bailey suffered with motion sickness when he was a toddler and him being sick at 8am on the way to a scan appointment whilst I was pregnant with Piper will stick in my memory much longer than I'd like! Plus all the trips with double prams, bumps and standing up to breast feed on the way home kinda make me happy to have my own transport! All this means nothing to my youngest two who hardly remember going on the tram so were quite excited.

Reading the Hunger Games again:

Lots of Pokemon chat from Ruben on the way into Sheffield.

Sheffield was really busy as it was a warm day, we bought Cordelia a hat from the goth shop and Ruben Pokemon figures from TK Maxx. Then had some lunch from the bakery and walked up to the Winter Gardens.

Lots of interesting plants in there including this one which looked like a bird..

Then we went into the Millenium Galleries and had a wander around the steel exhibition. Sheffield is famous for its steel or at least it used to be, my own dad used to be a steelworker. There are some fantastic new breaking artists and lots of modern interpretations including a beautiful silver clutch bag (didn't take a photo as my phone camera isn't working v well). It's nice to see that it's continuing in some way.

Then we had a walk around the Ruskin exhibition, they both did a trail in here which made them notice details in the paintings we might have otherwise missed. Ruben took us to watch the video about the wooden boulder in Barmouth Estuary, he'd watched it there with a hubby  whilst we were at the soap carving session. He said "The film started in the year dad was born and finished in the year I was born. How freaky is that?" The film was really relaxing and made me want to revisit Barmouth...

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