Monday, 10 June 2013

Minecraft Mondays

If hubby and I are honest, we have really let Minecraft slip us by quietly. The children all play it on the Xbox and Ruben has it for the PC too but we haven't given it a whole lot of thought. Our bad. So on this reflection and after reading several blogs about Minecraft and friend's comments on fb I decided to go with the Minecraft flow a little more. 

A fellow blogging friend over at the masterplan and me recommended this website here. I have also enjoyed reading another fellow blogger friend's posts over at the gallivanters about how Minecraft has been explored and encompassed in their days and I'm loving their hama bead Steve! It has all helped me realise that the best thing to do really is go with it and try and apply as much as we can to our daily learning. 

So we made a start by printing off these creeper maths square pictures and sat and did them all together, it was a rather enjoyable activity. We talked about what other ways we can use minecraft in the house and the children explained lots of minecraft related stuff to both hubby and I who are completely clueless!

Inspired by the creepers we moved on to the minecraft swords..

I also printed out some squared paper as we had none, it lead to Ruben creating this enderman:

Now I have started to look for Minecraft related things and they seem to be everywhere! Ruben even wants a Minecraft birthday party now but he has a while to change his mind. I even looked on ebay and found a character cape from last years Minecon (had to look that up too!) going for £275!! Seems like hubby and I have some reading ahead of us...

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