Saturday, 29 June 2013

Making sock friends

Saturday saw us home whilst the tiler continued with the tiling in our en-suite, will be glad when its all done tbh as I'm getting a bit fed up of workmen in the house first thing in the morning! Hubby, Bailey and Cordelia headed out to do a stall at the car boot leaving myself, Ruben and Piper.

Piper's book arrived yesterday so she was very eager to make a start. Think it was a little harder than she expected but she's enjoying it lots. 

Ruben decided to make a sock monster from one of  the girls craft books. It was quite easy to do.

We started with an old sock, cut off the top of the sock so it was just the flat bit of the foot and heel. 

Ruben then chose two buttons, he wanted it to look as close to the picture in the book as possible.

We then sewed on the buttons, Ruben had a go at sewing bit it was a little fiddly so I helped.

The picture in the book:

Ta-Da! The finished monster

Piper sat chatting to us whilst we did the sewing and she was working on her history book

Here's one we made earlier...the little chicken now has a friend in the sock monster..

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