Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Horse Riding, lego & a camping trip

What a lovely day for a horse riding lesson outside! Cordelia was thrilled this morning when she arrived for her lesson to find she was in the outside arena, here she is getting on her horse Charlie.

Look at those blue skies. She worked really hard on her trot today and has really come on since last time.

She is dying to have a go at the jumps though and her instructor said on her next lesson they will be doing some "small" jump practice.

Needless to say she had a great time! Her instructor has given us some exercises that she needs to do to build the muscles up in her legs which in turn will make her stronger on the horse. Hopefully this lovely weather will keep up and she can continue her lessons outside.

Back at home and whilst hubby and I got the car ready for a small camping trip we have planned tomorrow the children were soaking up some of their minecraft/pc/tv time before camping. Cordelia worked on her horse project, Piper and Ruben had a very excitable game of Lego, and Bailey has been catching up on his reading of Halo books and generally counting down the days to his birthday! I can't believe he is going to be 15 years old in two weeks time. Leftover cake from yesterday was eaten and lots of running around with the dog outside in the sunshine. Ruben has packed all his toys up to take camping. Tomorrow will be an early start with Piper's archives in Nottingham first thing before hubby will pick us up and off we will go. Be so nice to camp in some actual sunshine and not torrential rain and gale force winds like last year....

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  1. My kids would LOVE horse riding lessons! however, it's just not in our budget right now (but our cousin is supposed to be getting her own horse soon). looks awesome!