Monday, 3 June 2013

Hello June and welcome back Horrible Histories

Welcome June, the month my eldest is going to be 15 years old-eeeeeek-how did that happen? Welcome some much nicer, warmer weather too-surely its nearly time for a camping trip??...

Hubby, Bailey and this week Cordelia set off early to do their stall and after yesterdays walk around Chatsworth Piper and Ruben wanted to have a day at home. Lots of friends have been talking about Horrible Histories Series 5 on facebook and twitter so I asked them if they'd like to watch it. As a huge lover of history Piper used to watch HH quite a lot but she hasn't been watching it for a while and because his big sister hasn't been watching it neither has Ruben. Such a shame because they used to love it. So we put the first episode on the Iplayer and before I knew it two hours had passed and it was lunchtime!! We had watched all five of the new episodes and after lunch they put an episode on from the last series too! They laughed so much and when hubby, Bailey and Cordelia came home they were filled in massively on everything they'd seen :-D

They did come outside for a bit too, I started the mammoth task of mowing the grass and since I'm suffering with shoulder pain I asked Ruben to help me empty the grass box. I said I'd pay him 10 pence every time he had to empty it. He went and got some paper and wrote boxes with 10p, 20p etc right up to £1.00. Every time he emptied the box he crossed off a box and kept me updated on how much I owed him. He also washed his old (and never used!) bike as someone came to buy it so he got a bonus 50p for that too. £2.50 later and the grass was mown and math without any actual teaching!

Piper chose to curl herself up on the sofa with a book. Cordelia has been reading the "Little House on the Prairie" series and after lots of giggling and persuasion she had talked Piper in to reading them too. She loves getting embroiled into a new book series and this one seems to have really caught her. The librarian recommended them and was very impressed that Cordelia wanted to read the first books, they were a bit tricky to get hold of as there is only one copy in the whole Derbyshire libraries! When they arrived the date of the first stamp out was 1978! 

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