Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Happy 15th Birthday Bailey!!!

I get so emotional with the children's birthday's because they bring up so many happy memories, including the births! I had a full post written for Bailey's birthday but I think I'm going to create a new page on the blog and put it there.

He may be 15 years old today but that doesn't mean a lie-in, not with three excited siblings anyway! 6.30 am we were up, even though he knew what all bar one of his presents were! He requested two new xbox games, a book and some Warhammer to build his army up. So that's what he got.

My children are huge fans of a cartoon called Adventure Time and so the others bought Bailey a Jake t-shirt, he loved it as you can see from his face:

And his new Warhammer tank:

I spent most of yesterday baking a square chocolate cake which I then turned into a minecraft creeper:

It's not perfect. my cakes never are, but he loved it and that's all that matters!

Bailey only wanted to do one thing on his birthday and that was visit Warhammer World in Nottingham. So that's what we did, we took him for a birthday lunch in Bugman's Bar-a bit like a medieval pub right inside Warhammer World.

A LOTR Orc Hai!!

Bailey had "The Fat Bloke" meal for his lunch, I honestly have no idea where than boy puts his food since he is 6ft now and so skinny, but the boy loves his food-nothing new! He didn't quite manage to finish it though..

The girls shared a pizza and a side of chips. Cordelia said she felt like she was in the "Prancing Pony" pub from the LOTR film.

Ruben decided on a full pizza to himself-which he couldn't finish!

Whilst we were looking around the shop we were invited by a staff member to have a go at painting a free model. I wasn't so sure myself but the girls and Ruben dived in and I ended up doing one too. It takes such a lot of patience and focus but I actually really enjoyed it, it was very relaxing. The girls loved it too

And Ruben ended up painting another figure an hour later he enjoyed it so much!

Hubby booked Bailey a huge gaming board to play on and here are some photos:

It took them 3 hours to finish the game!!! Hubby won but it was very close..

The time, effort and skill that goes into this scenry and gaming boards is just amazing, the children love looking at it all.

The finished models:

We had our photo taken with a huge Space Marine figure whilst hubby and Bailey were still playing.

Love this photo of Bailey and I, I'm sure he wasn't taller than me last year...

Back home, we had to wait a couple of hours as we were all still full from our lunch, to have some birthday cake:

Happy Birthday my darling boy, we love you so much and feel very lucky to have you xxxx


  1. what a great day! :D

    happy happy birthday to your boy :)

  2. Happy Birthday! What a Fab cake and birthday time was had by all! x

  3. Warhammer really does look exciting! Glad Bailey had a lovely day x