Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Day Two of Games Britannia Festival

Hoping for a better day today I dropped off hubby and Bailey in town for day two of the festival. Today's workshops were gamemaker in the morning, which involved using gamemaker studio to create an android app. Bailey loved this and hubby said the staff were brilliant with him and they even asked for his email address to send him some different software.

After lunch it was Cry Engine Art-Bailey also loved this and it has opened up his eyes to so many new things he wants to try. He came home full of lots of ideas and inspiration and Hubby said it was much better today. He had some great conversations with the lecturers and feels that Bailey got a lot out of going today so thats all really good.

Back at home and Piper was feeling really rubbish after her migraine attack so we had to cancel her archive meeting as travelling for two hours on the train would have just been too much for her today. So another quiet day for the four of us, we are missing hubby and Bailey so much. Its hard to imagine hubby worked full time only two months ago we so enjoy having him at home with us. We did have some good news today too when we found out my younger sister is having a little girl in November!! I am very excited to be an aunt again and the children are very excited to be having a new cousin.

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