Thursday, 13 June 2013

Day 3 of Games Britannia Festival

The last day of the festival and Bailey was booked on to 3D Animation. He enjoyed it but the lecturer wasn't as good with the children as yesterdays lecturers. Still Bailey learnt some new things and came home with lots of plans, he wants to look into courses and think about GCSE's again.

His afternoon class was cancelled and he was offered an Xbox Kinect PE class-hubby said his face was brilliant-but he declined.

This week has really given him and us food for thought, we are slowly trying to sift through the course information online and looking into IGCSE's once again. I said I really didn't fancy the whole exam route again but how can I protest when Bailey knows what he wants to do and what he needs to get there? I know enough HE families who have gone down th exam route to know its going to be a very hard slog but I'm willing to do it if that's what Bailey wants. Its great that Sheffield has such a good university for Games Design and that this week he has had the opportunity to see where the course is run and meet different people from the video games industry and talk to them about it. He knows there is a lot of work to do if that's what he really wants but we're happy he's had this opportunity and that he has found something he is passionate about. Where it will all go we'll soon see...

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