Thursday, 27 June 2013

Clumber Park

Making the most of a dry and humid day, Ruben went off to play at his BFF's and Bailey stayed home to work on his maths so we just took the girls to Clumber Park with their bikes. Its around four miles around the lake so it was a good, flat surface for them to practice their new found bike riding skills. Lovely views over the lake.

Trying not to ride into the lake!

Clumber church in the background but still a long way to go...

Halfway around

 Stopping for a quick rest, both a bit shattered and us too-its been a long time since we've walked at that pace!

We had a quick stop for an iced coffee and some well deserved choclate bars for the girls before setting back off. Piper had quite a fall off her bike, she was fine but we did notice lots of baby frogs whilst scooping her back of the grass. They were all trying to get to the lake.

They were so tiny!

The last stretch of the ride was ok. Its a good, flat surface and the girls really enjoyed just being able to ride. We picked a very happy Ruben back up, and had a catch up with friends before rushing home to take Bailey to his Warhammer group. Food shop done, Bailey picked back up and finally back home for tea :)

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