Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Camping in Bala!

We haven't had chance to do any camping yet this year so when we realised we had a few spare days and the weather in our favourite part of Wales was glorious we just had to go. Hubby picked us Piper and I up at 12 after the archives meeting, we had packed the car the night before, and we headed to our favourite place in North Wales-Bala. This was our fourth visit to Bala, we must like it because we haven't been anywhere as often! We tried a new campsite this year though-Pant-Yr-Onnen, it wasn't the cheapest but then camping, even without electricity for six of us isn't that cheap. It cost £31 a night which is about average to be honest but it was worth it because it was such a well kept site and had a perfect location. In fact I would go as far as to say its one of the best campsites we have ever been too.

Bala is famous for its lake which is 5 miles long, the campsite was right on the shoreline. After putting the tent up and sorting airbeds etc out we picked up the new portable BBQ walked 5 minutes to the shore and sat and had tea by the lake. The children loved it, they played on the tyre swings, collected driftwood for a fire and skimmed stones across the lake-bliss.

The view from the front of our tent: it was very quiet whilst we were there with only a handful of other tents and some caravans/motorhomes.

The views of Bala lake

The girls with Tallulah

I had forgotten about all the practice fighter jets that fly over the lake, the noise is incredible but its so exciting! We had never seen the Hercules fly over before though, they were huge and there was two of them.

Watching the sun set over the lake

Was lovely to sit and chat without the distractions of TV, Xbox, Minecraft etc..

Climbing trees

And hanging out for a bit..

Building a fire with bits of collected driftwood/logs

Ruben loved being in charge of keeping the fire going

The last time we were camping in Bala two years ago it was really, really cold. There was frost on the tent in the morning but not this trip, I had forgotten it could be warm whilst camping.

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