Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Britannia Games Festival 2013

Back in April I managed to book Bailey onto several workshops as part of the Britannia Games Festival 2013 at Sheffield Hallam University. It was three full days of workshops but now hubby is home full time with us it meant it was possible. Bailey was really excited about going, apart from the getting up early and out of the door for 8.30am-which to be honest none of us have enjoyed!

First workshops today were all Minecraft related, workshop one was Minecraft Art, where Bailey created  and designed his own skins. Workshop two was Minecraft Contraptions. Hubby said the teacher must have spent months creating this huge dungeon which then a load of schoolchildren went and blew up. I think its safe to say Hubby was a little under impressed by today's workshops. Although the staff were great and the facilities at the university were apparently fantastic, he wasn't sure about going back in again tomorrow. On the plus side of today's workshops Bailey thoroughly enjoyed himself and the staff chatted to him more because he was paying attention and not blowing up everyone's minecraft worlds. Think its safe to say hubby came home today very glad that we home educate-which is not a terrible thing. He has decided to give it another go again tomorrow.

Back at home and the girls and Ruben enjoyed a quiet day playing Minecraft on the Xbox and PC, they played Lego and Piper read some things for her archive meeting tomorrow. But later in the afternoon she ended up going to bed for a couple of hours as she had a migraine attack, Cordelia also wasn't feeling well so a bit of a slow, sit-on-the-sofa-with-wheat-bags-kind-of-afternoon for us four.

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