Monday, 24 June 2013

Bike Riding Mondays

Pretty rubbish start to this morning, hubby and I were really tired after I had an incredibly painful facial spasm in my face of all places which lasted from 11.30 pm until 6 am this morning. Meaning neither of us had much sleep and meant I had to have a trip to the emergency dentist this morning to figure out why it happened. Still clueless and in terrible fear it may return, would rather have gone into labour than have to go through it again it was THAT bad.  Poor Bailey is still feeling rotten after catching his sisters' rotten cold, rubbish Monday morning.

Still there were errands to run before coming home for lunch where I had the bright idea of taking girls on a bike ride. We are not a bike riding family really, Bailey has never enjoyed learning to ride and despite buying the girls new bikes we haven't used them in three years! So when it came to getting bikes out Cordelia had outgrown hers massively and so she needed to have Piper's and Piper needed to use Bailey's. No great problem except both bikes had flat tyres and despite a half hour hunt in the garage no bike pump!!! So... hubby had to put both bikes in the car and go up to the garage to use the air machine. Why is it always the way when you want to do something simple and fun it gets stressful?!

Nearly an hour after we started for a bike ride, two bikes sorted, scooter for Ruben who refuses to learn to ride a bike, one excited dog and two exhausted parents later we finally walked to the park. Its lucky really that we have some paths perfect for re-learning to bike ride as we would not fit two nearly adult bikes in the car with all of us without a struggle. Will have to possibly purchase a bike rack...again why does everything you try to do for free come back to cost?

Anyway, moan over...

The girls had a great time rediscovering their love of bike rides, some very wobbly starts before determination set in and they were off. The sun came out to join us and it was a very pleasant hour. Ruben not so happy as he likes a flat tarmac to scoot on and am thinking of trying to learn him to ride Cordelia's old bike and then buying him a second hand boys bike, but we'll see. I've never been much of a bike rider myself but I'm starting to see the fun and think it would be quite nice to have a family bike ride somewhere off-road. I can't see Bailey enjoying it though...

Having had so much fun the girls want to go again tomorrow! Its good exercise for Cordelia's leg muscles which need building up for her horse riding and the dog was happy to have a walk too.

Back home and there was Warhammer painting by Bailey, in between sneezing and coughs. Ruben did some Pokemon drawing and played a Jurassic Park building game on the tablet. We watched some of the Wimbledon coverage which gave lots of interesting questions, talks about scores, players, rankings etc and  the possibility of buying some tennis rackets and finding some local courts to have a go ourselves. Cordelia did lots more research on her horse project and Piper is on an all out mission to do a History GCSE. It has come out of nowhere but I'm not surprised, she has been in a difficult mood lately and been very bored. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do and seems to have got bored of playing. 12 seems a difficult age of being stuck between child & teenager and not really sure what she should be doing. Because of all the talk about Bailey possibly sitting IGCSE's she asked about history and I said its a possibility. We have ordered her the IGCSE History textbook to have a look at, no pressure at all though, and she spent several hours today consuming Bitesize GCSE History on the BBC website. She is amazing at remembering information, facts, dates, people etc. She did all of the WW1 & WW2 sections including videos and the revision tests. She scored an average of 8/10. So am thinking this is what she needed. She is also reading a HUGE book on Bess of Hardwick, which she is throughly enjoying.

Just as we get into a swing of autonomous education it seems we have swung all the way to the other side and now its looking like structure is what is needed, at least for the older two. I feel completely out of my depth as I've quite ignored all the exam stuff as thought it wasn't a route we would be tredding down but now it seems we are I have no idea where to start or which way is going to be right for us. A home ed fork in the road...

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  1. Hope the face/tooth thing doesnt return.....the great thing about home ed is flexibility and you can change to suit the needs.