Friday, 7 June 2013

Barmouth Beach...

Had forgotten how hot in could be in a tent, we didn't wake up until 8 on our last morning and the sun was up, burning into the tent. We all clambered to get out of the tent and into the fresh air for breakfast-scotch pancakes and nutella yum-before packing everything up and heading to our favourite beach.

The last time we were in Barmouth we did a rather epic walk which you can also see some fab beach statues here. It is one of those magical places for me that never seems to lose its charm.

We had a little walk over the mega Mawddach bridge and stopped for lunch amongst some sheep.

Before waling back over the bridge and looking for fish in the estuary.

The views and skies were spectacular

The Mawddach bridge

The ruins of a boat we found lying next to the shore

A picture with hubby before we walked back over the bridge

Time for a play on the beach, looking for fish, crabs and shrimps.

We spotted a jellyfish by this rock too but gave it a very wide birth..

This is what Cordelia caught all by herself..

Three fish

Several crabs..

Three shrimp..

Oh and they all still found time to bury the dog in some sand-which she seemed to rather enjoy!

Homeward bound for us after a gorgeous two nights in Wales.

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