Sunday, 16 June 2013

And we're off to the Races...

We aren't big into celebrating things like Mother's/Father's day here to be honest, but Bailey and the girls did make hubby cards and gave him a big hug for being such a super dad. We had booked tickets a while ago for a day at the horse races in Doncaster. Piper had been up in the night not feeling well and I didn't think we would make it today but she was feeling a bit better in the morning and the weather was warm and dry. We invited my dad and brother along too so it was a family kind of day.

It was really busy and the children loved the atmosphere. They went and bought some sweets and then we had a look at the racing cards. Lots of math involved so that was a bonus, we only had very small bets and only picked names we all liked but we didn't win anything, it was just a lovely day out and a new experience for all of us.

Standing in the queue with dad to place a bet:

Stroking the rescue greyhounds, we have a friend who had a gorgeous rescued greyhound so the children are very fond of them.

They have such kind faces.

It was very cool to be able to see all the race horses coming past us.  They look so different to the horses Cordelia rides and it was good to spot the differences in them and see what breeds they were too. Some of them were really excited and going down the path backwards which was interesting!

Cordelia loved being so close to them

It was really busy and we wished we had thought ahead and brought our camping chairs and a picnic

The atmosphere when the horses were at the end of the race was so exciting and loud!

Watching the horses come back after the race and stand in the winner's circle.

Again it was really cool to see them up close after the race

We like all the jockey's bright uniforms too!

At the entrance to the racecourse, it was much bigger than we had imagined and we all really enjoyed the experience of being at the races. The children have all asked if we can go again another time so they obviously enjoyed it.

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