Thursday, 9 May 2013

Warhammer World

Yesterday whilst Piper and I were in the arching meeting hubby took Bailey, Cordelia and Ruben to Warhammer World which luckily was only a 5 minute drive away from the archiving building. Perfect.

Hubby rang last week and managed to get a table booked-all free! We are so lucky to live close to Warhammer World as its a brilliant place and a Mecca for all Warhammer fans. Hubby said some people came and chatted to him and they'd come all the way from New Zealand!!

The boys had a great game and Ruben has now been bitten again by the Warhammer bug. Apparently Cordelia sulked for quite a bit until a member of staff played a game with the Hobbit Warhammer with her. It cheered her up and she told me lots about it later on, unfortunately with four children there are going to be times when you have to compromise with everyone's interest. It's an important part of being a family and I hope Cordelia will be a little more gracious about this in future-especially has she has her horse riding. 

Hubby took some photos of the boys playing:

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  1. Brendan went there Over Easter with our local Games workshop. Its a good 2 hour coach trip from here... at least! I was meant to go but was really ill over Easter so his Aunty took him. He LOVED it! He was also very pleased with the bar! Great stake apparently!