Monday, 20 May 2013

The Vikings Are Sherwood Pines

Sunday mornings start early for us, we left the house at 6.30 for the Sunday car boots and didn't return home until 11.45. Time, just, for a quick lunch before we headed out in some lovely sunshine to Sherwood Pines to see friends and Vikings!

Ruben and I have been reading How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell and him and the girls have been watching the new cartoon on Saturday mornings so I figured a good time to learn more about the Vikings.

Before we left Ruben took this photo of a spider on the back garden decking:

He rather likes spiders.

We found our friends in the huge groups of people that we normally avoid on a weekend but that's when the Vikings were there so..

This was called a coracle and was made from animal skin, was quite cool but not sure our animal loving youngest two appreciated the construction materials!

They were much more impressed with this falcon/bird of prey. There was even a chick in a basket but I couldn't get a photo as we had Tallulah with us and according to the sign the bird did not like dogs!

There were lots of weapons, horns, swords and shields around, lots of Viking cooking going off-I love the smell of burning wood, makes me want to go camping (as soon as the weather cheers up!). Lots of people dressed in linens, wool and helmets.

The tents looked pretty cool all together, Cordelia took this photo.

We sat next to the arena, unfortunately right next to the very loud speaker! Lots of music inbetween talking and the children were HUGELY excited to hear both Lord of the Rings and the Shire music. I watched their faces as it dawned on them which music it was-was very sweet to watch and made me smile, t'is the simplest of things that make me happy. 

The commentator was explaining how the group were having a "thing" which was like a council meeting of some sort, wondering if this is where the word "thing" but spelt "thyng" comes from??? Must google it.

The kids had a great time playing with their friends in the playground, Bailey came out too but looked a bit bored, not easy for teenagers when they don't have friends with them and they'd rather be indoors playing Xbox but still it was nice to have his company for a bit. We were all a bit shattered when we got home to be honest but we'd had a lovely day.


  1. Sounds like a fascinating day! x Yes, you're right, we do get the word thing from Viking meetings, often called a Thyngehowe - meeting at a mound or place. Which has filtered down through the ages to Thing - meaning a place to talk or object and then translation over the years into our language it came to include meaning every 'thing' or object. x

    1. Thanks Mel that's brilliant to know! Was a really fun afternoon and hopefully it will spark more learning about Vikings x

  2. OH my gosh, we were here in our viking outfits. You have a picture of me in the last picture, I am sitting down with orange tunic and a cream head scarf. Oh I wish I had known we could have introduced ourselves. Hope you had fun, we did, I won the ladies long bow competition on Sunday did you see it?

    1. Oh WOW! Really? That is such a shame that we didn't get to meet in real-life! It all looked like a lot of fun and well done on the long bow competition-I wish I had seen it, we must have been in the playground when this was on :-(