Friday, 3 May 2013

Sherwood Pines & Forest

Today the girls went to play at a friends for the day and so we met up with friends at Sherwood Pines, we haven't been for a while and it was much warmer than the last time we were here that's for sure! Was strange just having the boys and very quiet but it was nice to catch up with friends.

Lunch and a quick play in the playground and our friends needed to go so we set off and had a little walk around Sherwood Forest, again much warmer than the last time we were here!

Ruben loves having his photo taken-he really should consider modelling he likes it that much! He loved this old tree and it was huge.

Even Bailey came with us for a walk which was nice!

Was lovely and quiet-ish too


We saw several types of birds whilst watching this bird table-blue tit, chaffinch, coal tit and a Yellow Hammer. Ruben loved watching them and Bailey remembered all the names, a few years ago he was really into different bird species.

There were lots of signs around about food chains which Ruben was really interested in so I think we shall be looking into them further. 


  1. Ruben's like my Honi when it comes to photos lol Have you seen some of the poses she pulls! It cracks me up! x

    You reminded me, when I read about the different birds you spotted today, that we saw several types of butterfly today at park. This amazing hey! :)

  2. Thanks Lisa, yes I know what you mean! Honi is very funny and she reminds me lots of Ruben :)

    Cool re the butterflies, I have only seen a couple so far in the garden. Have you hatched them from caterpillars before? We did a few years ago and the children loved it :)