Monday, 20 May 2013

New Hobbit-Cloak Mondays!

Super tired people this am so plans for a day at the seaside were scrapped in favour of a pyjama/lazy day. Everyone needs one now and again. Sadly for us parents there is no such day as a lazy day! Hubby had to do a run to the post office, parcel shop & pick up pet food and I began the task of reaching the bottom of the wash basket-which I eventually managed, I thought the bottom of the wash basket was some kind of urban myth but apparently not. I shall relish it for at least today...

The children got out Monopoly Millionaire and nearly got through a whole game without arguing, I said nearly... They were overtired.

Bailey wanted to know how tall he was so the girls helped him find out which then turned into a huge measuring task. Measuring everyone's height-mine included, Tallulah had her legs measured, lots of "ahhhs" during that recording as she's only a small jack Russell. Probably best the cats were off sleeping....

Back in January I took the girls with me to buy material for Hobbit cloaks, I ended up buying really expensive material & a complicated cloak pattern. And thats where my enthusiasm ended despite the children asking at least once a week, when their cloaks would be finished. 

Today I dusted off the sewing machine and finally cut into the fabric, the bit I always dread. Into three pieces it went-no pattern required-hemmed it all with pins, realised I couldn't find the matching cotton I'd bought and so had to make a quick dash to the local craft shop. Back home and lots of sewing machine related issues *HUGE SIGH*. I managed to finish the first cloak after about an hour and half, it looked surprisingly better than I had thought since I did no measuring other than around the children's shoulders! The second cloak took 30 minutes and then the last one took nearly 2 hours! I ran out of cotton and my ancient sewing machine refused to work with some cheaper ikea cotton. Lots of rummaging through numerous sewing nooks before finding a navy blue that looked pretty cool and was a fancier brand so the machine was happy again! 

A quick break for tea as Hubby made fresh pizza dough in between cutting the grass-delicious! Then I managed to finish the final, much anticipated, cloak for Cordelia. A quick play in the garden in their cloaks, but was a bit late. Ruben got dressed for five minutes in the garden,  he found this huge weed which tied in with the measuring they all did this morning. He was impressed.

Cordelia loves her new cloak, she says I'm an Epic mum for making them.

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  1. They're brilliant Hobbit cloaks. You are an EPIC mum! x